Rural Marketing

Rural Marketing is all about making your Business Big!

From years, India is a nation under transition, every day there is a new technology invented. Every day there is a new marketing technique discovered. But, somehow, Rural Marketing always manages to win the race. The reason is, in India, rural market is vast and diverse.

The scope of rural marketing is expanding at every step and we are serving the brands-big or small, as a recognized rural media marketing agency in India that helps brand expand their reach. There is a massive shift of consumer base from “strugglers” to the “aspirers” with a need for customized rural marketing solutions. Mindwave Media helps to create brand marketing strategies and solutions for rural hinterland to urban ghettos thereby catering to the emerging class consumers.
rural marketing services

We, as Rural Marketers in India

We have the ability to challenge conventional ‘urban’ wisdom by our ‘rural’ expertize. Also, we possess a very unique property, the Audiowala Bus Stand that helps us in Rural Marketing in India. Present in 7 major states and across 200 cities, the Audiowala Bus Stand is the largest Audiovisual Network that gives an invaluable experience to the brands out there. The best part about our Rural Activation is we have the talent to communicate in the native language and dialect at very affordable rates.

For us, Rural Marketing is also about Mass Marketing your Brand.

We have been in the Rural Marketing industry from 30 years. Our Rural Marketing strategies have created milestone for the brand, which has ultimately led to HAPPY & SATISFIED customers. Thus, we are counted amongst one of the leading Rural Marketing agencies in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Goa, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Bangalore.

rural marketing services

By shifting our perspective from mere brand awareness to interactive brand communication in the rural regions of India, we have been able to change the perception of rural consumers regarding their wants and demands.

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