Mass Promote your Brand in India
Choose Yatra, Jatra and Melas as your Platform

In India, Yatra, Jatra and Melas are given utmost importance from the British era.

However, for brands, Yatra, Jatra and Melas in India are said to be a golden platform for Brands to showcase its potential and offer direct experience of their brands by installing a stall/booth or organizing product sampling. Moreover, it is a great place to interact with consumers, know what they want and offer them the same. Melas are an apt platform to identify the pain points of the consumer and accordingly provide a solution. Once the solution is provided, the consumer is all yours!

Hundreds of Mela in India happen every year. It is a platform that generates crores of business every year for brands, if promoted in the right way, using strategic branding methods. We help brands to design and execute a marketing strategy.

Yatra Jatra

Yatra, Jatra and Melas can be used for

As per a research, 70% visitors are making impulsive purchases at the Melas. Isn’t this a great opportunity for Brands to outperform?

We have been in the Rural Marketing industry from 30 years. Our Rural Marketing strategies have created milestone for the brand, which has ultimately led to HAPPY & SATISFIED customers. Thus, we are counted amongst one of the leading Rural Marketing agencies in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Goa, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Bangalore.

Mela Marketing Expert of India

We call ourselves as Mela Marketing Experts in India because we do end-to-end branding, marketing in Melas, Fairs, Yatras and Jatras. Brand promotions in Melas is a very competitive business; but, we being 3 decade old in the business of activations and purpose-driven marketing, we take up the project with great passion and enthusiasm.

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