Branding Services in India

Your brand is more than what you think! Your brand is more than a logo and a workplace. Branding services in India are done best when you have hired Mindwave Media, one of the best Branding Agencies in Mumbai.

Our Branding Agency in Mumbai helps you to determine how your customers feel about your business/ brand/ product or services. We can elicit an emotional response at every touch point with our two major functionalities-

Rural Activation

If you ask us what is the best Rural Activation Agency in India truly looks like, we give you a bunch of parameters to measure-

  • The Rural Activation Agency in India should have an enormous man power potential to reach a vast population
  • The Rural Activation Agency in India should understand the mindset, psychology and the perspective of the rural population
  • The Rural Activation Agency in India should crack the formula of how a brand can cater to the rustic population
  • The Rural Activation Agency in India should be able to marry creativity and technology with mission and vision of the brand
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All these qualities are present in Mindwave Media. We have the ability to challenge conventional ‘urban’ wisdom. Also, we possess a very unique property, the Audiowala Bus Stand that helps us in Rural Activation. Present in 7 major states and across 200 cities, the Audiowala Bus Stand is the largest Audiovisual Network that gives an invaluable experience to the brands out there. The best part about our Rural Activation is we have the talent to communicate in the native language.

Over the years, we have focused our efforts, strength and age-old experience to solve and provide solutions that ease out the rural communication. Our strategies have created milestone for the brand, which has ultimately led to HAPPY customers. Thus we are counted amongst one of the leading branding agencies in Mumbai.

By shifting our perspective from mere brand awareness to interactive brand communication, we have been able to change the perception of rural consumers.

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BTL Marketing

Mindwave Media is one of the best and innovative BTL Marketing Company in India. We take your brand/ product or service to the place where your consumers are present. Being an old BTL Marketing Company with a new outlook, we are into using the traditional idea of displaying products, but with a dash of technology.

We ensure that a discussion of ideas, technology and execution is seamless between our marketing professionals and the client. Like any other BTL Marketing Company, our ultimate goal is to achieve the desired results.

‘Creating a Visibility’ is our mantra and we stand by it in any given situation.

Before we finalize your displays, we show you a glimpses on how it will look. Post your feedback, we start creating the real displays. We ensure that the displays are in line with the guidelines of the client and law of the place.

Why choose us as your Branding Agency?

Our Core Values as a Branding Agency in India

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Always do branding within the guidelines of client and law

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Always come up with fresh ideas to achieve best results

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Always generate a result report that clearly measure results in numbers

We offer the following Branding Services other than Rural Activation & BTL Marketing-

The Need for Professional Branding Services in India

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Many decision-makers make a mistake of thinking that Branding Services can be done in-house. But, in reality, all companies- startups, corporates or international enterprises need Branding Services at a professional level.

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Always remember that you do not get a second chance to make your mark. Hence, hire a professional branding service agency like us who can help you to give a best shot at your first impression. Don’t wait until the damage is done!

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According to branding and marketing experts, the value of a company’s goods and services are measured by presentation of the brand. In other words, consumers will judge the value of your business by how they perceive your brand. For instance, you own a travel company. Your customers are not going to judge you on how good are your packages or itinerary. Your first impression is the slogan of your company, the logo and the brochure that you present. You need to wrap your products and services in a good and presentable package. Branding services help you to enhance the value of your products and services.

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