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As per the survey done by the Department of Labor Stats, Graphic Designing was one of the booming fields in 2020 and it has continue to sustain its bloom because everybody around needs creativity; everybody around needs to see something fresh and unique. And, the magic for the same is in the hands of Graphic Design Companies in India.

Mindwave Media is recognized as one of the best Graphic Design Companies in India because we take creativity as our passion and not as our 9 to 5 job. Like any other Graphic Design Company in India, we design marketing collaterals including brochures, leaflets, annual reports, posters, banners, standees, emailers, newsletters, screensavers, wallpapers and GIF that are your biggest advertising assets. However, our world of imagination and creativity goes beyond the client requirements and industry standards. We always try to serve you with something complementary on your Graphic Design palate.

The Graphic Design Industry in India is growing at a fast pace of 23 to 25% annually. And, why not? Graphic Design Companies in India like Mindwave Media are helping in revolutionizing the way we look at things, change our perspective, which leads to growth and expansion of your business.  

A great brand is an output from great Designs!

Connect with us for creative, unique and eye-catching graphic designs. We always create great designs for our customers considering their business and requirements, and market trends. Our graphic designers create a perfect  mixture by combining shapes and colours to create a long-lasting impact on every individual who views our design. This is what we believe. 

Why choose Mindwave Media as your Graphic Design Company in India?

Experienced and Talented Graphic Designers

Completing Projects within timelines

Cost-effective Designs

No plagiarism of Designs

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We can work on online model

Catering to all your Designing needs

A new and fresh splash of creativity every time

Keeping your Designs in par with the Industry Standards

graphic design company in india

Catering to all your Designing needs

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Experts in all kinds of Graphic Designing

Sectors we cover

Our Process of Graphic Designing

Step 1

Pick your desired creative service

Step 6

Get the final delivery on the agreed timeline

Step 2

Get quotation and sample work from us

Step 5

Give your feedback

Step 3

Give us your requirement brief

Step 4

Sit back and relax

We marry creativity with latest marketing trends to achieve your goals of brand awareness and brand engagement.

Case Study

  1. One of the leading FMCG brands in India hired us as their Graphic Designing Company in India. We understood their requirement of a Social Media Marketing campaign that helps them to create brand awareness in the states where Dengue was prevalent. Through social media platform, they wanted to deliver messages on how to prevent dengue and we helped them out with our expertise in Graphic Designing. We created unique posts, GIF, videos and motion pictures that helped them to accomplish their mission of creating awareness.

  2. One of the leading Education Institutes of India availed our Graphic Designing services to design their brochure. We designed both- offline and online brochures for the students. They are really happy with our designs. We gave them design options using their chosen colour scheme and content. Then, we tried cross-selling our Social Media Marketing services, which was successful.

Hire a Team of Virtual Graphic Designers Now!

Hire a part or complete team of graphic designer, and upon project completion, change its composition to match new project.

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