The media wing of ISO Certified Vritti Solutions, Mindwave Media is a young and dynamic Digital Marketing, Brand Consultants, Urban & Rural Activation, Outdoor Advertising, CSR Consultants, Events & Social Media Campaign agency run by a team of more than 100 creative and experienced butterflies. We are an integrated, 360 degree Media & Marketing firm that aim to take your brand to the untapped rural regions of India. Mindwave Media is believed to be a one stop solution for establishing your online and offline presence in the global market. We are here to offer unique and transformative Media & Marketing solutions in the competitive digital world.

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Manufacturing, Automobile, FMCG, Agriculture, Consumer Durable, Retail, Textile, Logistics, Real estate and Infrastructure, Education, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Mobile and Telecom, Entertainment


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Website &App Development

Always remember that your website and the app do all the speaking. Our in-house team is skilled in various development services which includes static, dynamic, responsive and e-commerce website design, content management systems, UI & UX design, PHP web development, WordPress, Magento and Shopify and Android App design.

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Graphic Designing

Mindwave Media is recognized as one of the best Graphic Design Companies in India because we take creativity as our passion and not as our 9 to 5 job. Like any other Graphic Design Company in India, we design marketing collaterals including brochures, leaflets, annual reports, posters, banners, standees, emailers, newsletters, screensavers, wallpapers and GIF that are your biggest advertising assets.

Digital Marketing

Our industry experts cook up the best digital marketing recipe for your brand. We use the best platform and suitable strategies to churn out the targeted results in a given timeline. Our only focus is to make the clients happy and satisfied with our wide range of Digital Marketing offering

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Social Media Marketing

We do Social Media Marketing for our clients to translate your online content into leads, sales, repeat customers and long-term profits. We work on all platforms- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest etc.

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Branding Services

Mindwave Media provides 2 major functionalities in Branding Services- Rural Activation and BTL Marketing for startups, international brands, retailers and corporates. Rural Activation and BTL Marketing can be done in semi-rural and rural regions of India.

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Media Planning & Buying

Mindwave Media has an analytical mind to understand the struggle of online marketing in today’s competitive world. We convert your marketing requirement into attainable media objectives. Our Media Planning & Buying strategies are developed by experts.

Brand Activation

We help you to bring life to your brand with our brand activation services including innovative displays, bespoke kiosks, unique booths, eye-catching signage posts and immersive experiences. Clubbing technology with experiential marketing, we help customers to develop a better bond with your brand.

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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising has always been our specialty. Clubbing innovation and technology has brought Mindwave Media in the list of top Outdoor Advertising Agencies in India. We advertise on Billboards, Kiosks, Hoardings, Signages etc.

Outdoor advertising in India

International Association

We have taken our Digital Marketing services to the next level. US is our core focus area. We have made our mark by being sub-contractors, representatives, manpower providers and project partners in the continents of US, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Influencer Marketing

Mindwave Media is a Professional Influencer Marketing Agency in India. We do meticulous research on your target audience, strategic analysis of the ideal social channels, and identification of the most influential content creators. We seamlessly connect businesses with a new set of audiences through trusted social media influencers across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Transit Advertising

Revolutionize your brand’s presence in rural and deep rural India through our unique mass media property, Audiowala Bus Stand, which is India’s Largest Digital OOH Network. Amplify your message with Transit Advertising that connects and resonates in every corner of the country. Reach untapped audiences (daily 7.3 crore) effectively with us at an affordable cost.

Yatra, Jatra & Mela Activation

Elevate your brand presence in cultural celebrations and festivals with our Yatra, Jatra & Mela Activation services in India. Let us curate immersive experiences that engage, resonate, and leave a lasting impression in the minds of visitors. Connect with your audience authentically through our unique and personalized marketing strategies.

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Gone those days when traditional marketing tools were only used. This is the age of using the new and Digital tools. One of the best online platforms for marketing is the social media. Keep your audience engaged and informed real-time. A 360 degree Digital Marketing Agency is cost-effective and impactful.

Most definitely! It’s been proven again and again by business after business. In fact, not utilizing social media marketing can actually harm your business, since having an online presence on social media is simply expected of any reputable firm these days. And, most importantly, all age groups and people from all demographics are present and active on social media.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a business to reach customers directly. Your customers get a sense of personalization. Even if they don’t open your mail, they tend to read the subject that contains your brand name/ service or product. So, they notice you!

Content creation and content marketing have turned the tables of marketing over the years. Instead of focusing on a company and its products or services, it focuses on the consumer’s needs first. The goal of content creation and content marketing is to provide valuable, genuinely helpful information to consumers for free, in order to create a relationship with them based on trust, which eventually leads them to make a purchase.

It usually takes 6 to 8 months (or at least 1 year if you’re entering into a competitive industry) to start getting results such as search visitors, leads and sales to your sites from search engines like Google.

Top 7 Programming Languages for Backend Website Development

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Golang
  • C#

Creating your mobile app for Android and iPhone by yourself is easy and free, but doesn’t fetch you good results. If you are looking for your customers to use your app, please hire a professional for Mobile App Development.

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