Hardware Design and Development

We design the hardware by starting with a concept. Subsequently after that, the concept is put into action by a team of experts who work in close conjunction with the client. We procure MIL Standard components from renowned dealers worldwide and design the best prototype and provide critical output to the clients. The major hardware components we design comprise of Processors, FPGAs, Controllers, Mixed-signal multiplayer boards and modules, Embedded systems, Video products and solutions, Communication Switches, Sonar and Avionics products, and Fibre optic cables.
Besides above, we also develop and test Radio Frequency and Telemetry systems. We have an expertise in RF systems including RF Receiver, Amplifier, T/R module design assembly, and testing for the X band and Ku band. Our connection with the leading foundries of the world help us deliver utmost cost-effectiveness to our clients.
When we talk about amplifier designs, we have a broad portfolio of GaN on Si Power Amplifiers for pulsed and continuous-wave applications. The GaN SSPAs we design will withstand harsh environmental conditions and it has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Cable Harness & Cabling solutions

Our Cable harness services offer better security and safety of the individual electric cables, against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions and moisture.
The Cabling solutions we offer find diverse applications in many leading industries such as Aerospace Harnesses, Missiles & Weapon Systems, Military Ground Vehicles, Electronic Warfare Systems, Naval & Off-Shore Harnesses.
We showcase good competence in cable assembly solutions for different branch type cables and Joints. The joints include straight-through joints for long routes and repaired sections, Branch Y and T joints for branching off a feeder, and Transition joints which are special kinds of joints between two different cables.
We also provide Semi-Rigid Cabling (Including Face Matching Cables - Frequency range from 0.5 to 18 GHz) and RF Cabling (Frequency range from 0.5 to 18 GHz).

Software Design and Development

Software is indeed a highly important component to drive and guide the hardware. We offer dedicated software designs such as Test Software's, Device Drivers, or general Application software and BSP.

Wiring Solutions

We offer client requirement based wiring solutions. In order to achieve an assured performance, we cover a wide range of wiring solutions namely Module Wiring, Rack Wiring, Drawer Wiring, Shelter Wiring, and Electronic Warfare Cables Wiring.

Assembling Services

We expertise in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembling and Antenna Head Unit Assembly. Our assembling process is based on the requirements of the clients and the designs given by them.

Special projects and Services

Along with the services mentioned above, we do offer special services to our clients that might require bits of other processes.
Our specialized services include System/ Subsystem Level Design and Development, Re-engineering of obsolete Systems and Subsystems, Design and Development of ATE and customized Test Systems, Engineering solution for technical problems, System Integration of Electronic Systems and Subsystems of Radar, Electronic warfare!
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