Information technology fosters innovation in business. Over the years, technology has caused an explosion and impacted individuals, communities, organisations, stakeholders and the nation. In the fast moving world of business, IT has  played a vital role in  enabling the growth of business by providing seamless Customer Relationship management, delivering productivity in Business operations  and tightly integrating the entire Supply chain.

Vritti Solutions Ltd. has a pack of Innovative software solutions and business application. Vritti is an IT, Media and Marketing Solutions Company providing software solutions like Ekatm ERP, Ekatm CRM and Ekatm WMS and services to leading corporates and SMEs.

Vritti is a market leader for niche software solutions-

  1. Petrosoft –ERP for Petrol Pumps
  2. Adatsoft- ERP for Adatia in Mandis
  3. Simplify Practice-Practice Management Software for Chartered Accountants

Vritti has a business segment named Vritti iMedia under which Audiowala Bus Stands, India’s largest Audio Visual network covering 7 states and 450 Bus stations with captive audience from small town and rural area is managed. Today, Vritti has 5000+ client base.


For consistently increasing the graph of business to new heights it must possess two things,

  1. Reaching new customers with steadily rate and
  2. Effectively communicate, interact with the existing ones


In accordance with that if you create an online retail store of your offline business you can win both hearts and minds of your customers at the same time, which is the ultimate pathway to profits.


  • Most of the leading FMCG brands today gets distributed by C&F agents to distributor to Wholesellers to retailer and the same model of distribution is used by brands to service metros, small town, district places, Tehshil places and villages .The biggest challenge for brands today is they can track primary and secondary sale but not the tertiary sale because corporates have not implemented solutions to track this given the complexity.
  • All goods go through a distribution channel to make the journey from the manufacturerto the final consumer. One important cog in this wheel is the retail trade, the final step of the distribution channel. Retail is the link between wholesalers or manufacturers and the customers of the product they are at the final point of sales standing as most invaluable influencer in the entire distribution channel.
  • Also during Covid 19 lockdown scenario it will be difficult for distributor sales to travel long distance for picking up orders and also retailers will think twice to travel to wholesale market given the social distancing norms which are likely to prevail for a long time. This will prompt retailer to change his mindset towards online purchase and online payment. The Consumers through this online model implemented by retailer can order FMCG products and the retailer would deliver the goods to their respective houses thereby bringing convenience. Keeping the current scenario and the need of the situation, Vritti came up with an innovation in BTL “ AnyDukaan”
  • To promote AnyDukaan we came out with an Interesting van activity to target middle class residents of societies & retailers from the same locality

About the ANYDUKAAN MODEL and Product USP

  • This is putting a m-commerce marketplace through our App  called ”AnyDukaan”  where we have the leading Distributors/Wholesellers who act as suppliers at one end  and the retailers who act as buyers at the other end. The retailer right from his mobile can pick up the supplier and order for different FMCG products sitting in his shop and he gets the delivery right at home. The retailer alternatively can then make the products available online for his consumers using the same application. This will help the brand to have full control over the entire distribution network till the end consumers.

To bring on ground we evaluated 2 concepts along with our m-commerce model, which had 2 different models.

  • Wholesaler to Retailer & Retailer to Customer Model along with a multipurpose Van activity to provide essential house hold grocery products door step.
  • In this Model we invited wholesalers, Retailers and customer to Register their details and order their grocery requirements online through our “AnyDukaan” application and we will deliver the essential grocery products at their door step during the pandemic.
  • We have planned timelines to deliver the retailer’s during the afternoon and to customer during evening time.
  • AnyDukaan Branded van was placed at strategic location to communicate the message and also for spot registration for ordering process.


Amplification & Scale

The activity was planned in 3 different location in Uttar Pradesh: Lucknow, Allahabad and Kanpur


Through this activity, we have reached around 150 Retailers in each location and 2200 customers and had done an approx. business of 22 lakhs in 30 days period.