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  1. The objective of the campaign is to create awareness about mosquito borne menace Dengue to its TG in Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.
  2. TG-Male/Female/Children


Dengue, Malaria and Chikanguniya are the fever that take a huge toll of life in India every year. To fight against these menace Dabur India Ltd. took up a challenge in serving the humanity and become socially responsible to overcome this epidemic in small cities, towns and semi urban areas where people are not much aware about prevention methodologies of these Epidemics.

There is a lack of awareness amongst the people about how it happens and what its initial symptoms are and hence, when they come to know about the disease, it usually becomes too late to get recovery easily.

Even the lack of proper sanitation services, water logging problem in many cities, towns and villages ae responsible for dengue.

So seeing the challenge and the opportunity, Dabur with its product ODOMOS tried to eradicate these diseases by sampling activity with Mindwave Media. We created awareness and brought a behavior change in masses by providing information about

  • Precautions to be taken
  • Importance of cleanliness and hygiene factors
  • Safety measures against these epidemics.

We decided to go all out to create a Dengue Mukt Bharat which is a matter of grave concern and also it emotionally echoes with Odomos brand.


Dabur Odomos started its very first activity in Nauchandi Mela where with our help they had set up a Stall along with promoters who provided information against the attack of mosquitos. Also, the volunteers applied Dabur Odomos on the uncovered body parts of children who came along with their parents to visit and enjoy In Nauchandi Mela. This was an epitome of experiential marketing which protected the children during the entire time when they were in Nauchandi Mela. Dabur Odomos Cream doesn’t only protect from harmful mosquitoes outdoors but also keeps the family happy and healthy indoors.

After this, we conducted the same campaign in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Dabur distributed the free samples to more than 10 lakh people (one of the largest sampling exercise) in these states and gave the demo about its usage and precautions.

These activities were conducted in the Central Bus Depots of the district in these five states as the passenger’s occupancy is more as compared to other bus stands, and this was the best place for the product demo, sampling and the mass audience engagement.

This is the total brief of all the activities that Dabur Odomos took for the public awareness and welfare of public.



  • Brand reached 30 Million+ people within first month of the activity
  • Direct Engagement with 10 lakh+ people received the samples
  • The client got very good response from this campaign as a thought leader in this category and this campaign helped in creating an impression of “Odomos at home means no dengue at home”