Client Profile

One of the world’s largest consumer healthcare companies. The company’s purpose is to help more people around the world to do more, feel better and live longer with everyday healthcare products.

Its product provided instant relief from acidity, which is considered to be a biggest health problem amongst the Indian masses.

The campaign objective was to educate the rural masses about acidity, how to understand whether you are suffering from it and carry out we sampling and give instant relief to people who are suffering form acidity. Also, the focus was to promote the Cooling flavor which is flavor to be used in summers.

What services did we provide?

Mindwave Media offered a Experiential Marketing campaign along with Social Media Marketing.

Our client’s product its recognized by its bubbles, which cause instant relief from acidity. We coined the concept of our campaign around bubbles. We offered wet samples to people at the eatery shops, food joints, sweet shops, medical shops and canteen.

Our team of promoters who were carrying bubble machine and they were spraying bubbles to attract and connect with people. They were attracted to the van and our team captured this moment to talk about acidity and made people try the product thereby providing instant relief to them.

It was a comprehensive experiential BTL campaign which constituted the following that provided that provided the visibility and experience/trial to masses.

  1. 30 Vans across 5 states covering 1000+villages states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu
  2. Wet sampling
  3. Gazebo Erection
  4. Van Branding in different locations throughout
  5. Stall activities in the areas specified above
  6. Missed Call engagement activities
  7. Look walkers and one to one point of contact and product demo activity
  8. Games and other engagement activities
  9. Use of Public Announcement Systems in the VAN used for the same


We propagated this campaign on all social media platforms.


  • We were able to reach to more than 2 lakh people through these activities in rural locations/villages in just a span of 1 month.
  • A BTL activation that helped in meeting all the objectives of brand and also helped improve the brand salience in those markets