Client Profile

Viacom18 is one of the fastest growing and most successful networks in the country. They focus on the triple bottom line of social responsibility, economic value and environmental impact. With the help of Audiowala Bus Stand, they wanted to reach out the audience from small towns and rural areas of Karnataka by promoting Bigg Boss Kannada, Kannadada Kotiyadipati (Non – Fiction) Ranganayaki (Fiction) which broadcast on Viacom 18’s Colors Kannada.

Colors Kannada previously known as ETV Kannada is a South Indian general entertainment channel that primarily broadcasts Kannada language entertainment shows.


The objective of Viacom 18 behind to get associated with Audiowala Bus Stand was to create awareness, grow the market share by promoting Bigg Boss Kannada, Kannadada Kotiyadipati (Non – Fiction) Ranganayaki (Fiction) which is broadcasted on Colors Kannada. Also, with the help of this campaign they wanted to change the mindset of the people about taking care of the society.

Why Viacom 18 Chose Audiowala Bus Stand for promotion?

Bus Stands are an important place of congregation point as everyday thousands of people travel from small towns, talukas to district places. Audio as a medium for advertising is very effective especially if it is integrated into a transport announcement system.Through this medium Viacom 18 -Colors Kannada got an opportunity to connect with the target audience.


We have seen how Bigg Boss can be far more than your daily dose of late-night entertainment—from intricate communication dynamics to social behaviour that belies the situation in the house. Same situation happens at all our public places and we are responsible for the same. We as travellers in India spit and dirty our public places, pollute our surroundings and then we blame and accuse the authorities for negligence. This is clear hypocrisy or double standards practised by both rich and poor, old and young, urban and rural. Hence, the concept was to educate the travellers from small towns and rural areas of Karnataka about various social causes like keeping the environment clean, contributing personally in reducing the air pollution, taking care of their personal belongings and their life by travelling safely and following basic travel rules. The purpose is to grab  the attention of  travellers through social messaging  using the Audiowala Bus stand at ST Bus stations  and thereby motivating them to watch the Big Boss. Theme of Bigg Boss is to remove all double standards in life and make people more disciplined and organised and the communication to TG was in same lines.


Audio Jingles were played across 190 KSRTC bus stations using the Audiowala Bus stand. BIG BOSS Kannada promo was played along with all the jingles that had social messages on keeping the environment clean, contributing towards reducing air pollution, taking care of their belongings and travelling safely as travellers they tend to catch running bus or travel on the roof of the buses which can be life threatening.

Jingles were played across bus station from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, thus making people aware of BIG BOSS, Kannadada Kotiyadipati and Ranganayaki.



  • It helped reach out large number people every day across Karnataka and an amazing response from people to watch these shows
  • It was relevant and 100% guaranteed that every single person heard about this because the messaging was interesting and you cannot afford to miss this
  • It helped to reinforce the brand’s positioning in the minds of the mass audience, making the brand more prominent by using renowned brand Ambassador “Kiccha Sudeep” appealing out social messages related to cleanliness of bus station environment, taking care of personal belongings while traveling, personal contribution for reducing Air pollution, whereas iconic Filmstar “Puneeth Rajkumar” hosting Kannadada Kotiyadipati
  • Use of vernaculars touched the heart of the rural population
  • It made possible to build brand to promote a product in a cost-effective manner