India is a country where culture and religion play a crucial role. Hundreds of Yatras, Jatras and Melas happen every year. Though each Yatra, Jatra or Mela is organized in different parts of India, one thing remains common- the base of the audience. Visitors in the Yatras come from media dark areas.

 In 2020, the penetration rate of smartphone in India has reached 54%. However, brand awareness and brand engagement has a lot of scope. To amplify that scope, brands need Digital Marketing Services. Also, Digital Marketing helps to measure the brand activity and engagement. 

Most major brands have an incredibly strong online presence, and it’s one of the most understated marketing strategies to follow in Yatras, Jatras and Melas.

Social media is as effective at educating an audience as it is at driving successful ad campaigns and your business has the opportunity not only to teach people about who you are but also to enable them to engage with your brand on a personal level, even with the audience who is not even physically present at the Mela.

Digital marketing will bring the efforts of brand awareness, brand recall and brand connect on the front end. Moreover, a strategically planned Digital marketing campaigns can design an emotional connect between the brand and audience.

Shruthi Iyer- Reporting from Pune, Maharashtra