The primary reason for brands to include on-ground activations in their marketing plan is to break from advertisements’ clutter- print, visual, audio, etc. On-ground activations create experiences, have a long-lasting impact on the minds of consumers, and generate word of mouth and a lot of buzz around their products/services. In addition, an experience gives a human angle to your brand. It is something that you share with friends and family. So, why not brands act as your friends or family?

Ensure that there is enough engagement. People should not feel that they are being targeted. Instead, encourage them on how can they publicize your brand- sharing the activity on social media or through word of mouth.

On-ground activations are commonly done for product launches. However, brands these days need to focus on innovation. For instance, installations in shopping malls, interactive games, experiencing product with live performance, etc. The more unique your idea, the better your activation results.    It is a fool-proof marketing tactic that ensures brand engagement and brand awareness results.

Vivek Singh- Reporting from Delhi