In rural India, Melas is of utmost importance from the British era for trade, cultural activities, religious rituals and entertainment. People in the rural areas prefer visiting melas with their families. Hence, Melas are said to be a golden platform for Brands to showcase its potential and offer direct experience of their brands by installing a stall/booth or organizing product sampling. Moreover, it is a great place to interact with consumers.

Hundreds of Mela in India happen every year. It is a platform that generates crores of business every year for brands, if promoted in the right way, using strategic branding methods.

Brands from various industries-FMCG, Automobiles, Agriculture and so on are taking this opportunity to display and connect with consumers at the Melas.

What I observe is that the rural consumers are very much open to try out new products and services. It is the best place for sampling and making them habituated to your product. As per a research, 70% visitors are making impulsive purchases at theMelas, a readymade platform for brands to outperform.

Namdeo Ghorpade- Reporting from Nashik, Maharashtra