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India- A Land of Unorthodox Digital Marketers & Strategists

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India- A Diverse Country, not only Culture wise, but also Business wise. Thousands of Business and Hundred ways of Marketing! Out of which, the one way that has won the heart of brands is Digital Marketing. Today, Digital Marketing in India is considered as a phenomenal technology based performance oriented marketing platform for brands- whether big or small to perform and showcase at their best. However, Digital Marketing is an insight based consumer targeting platform to educate your target group with localized creatives and communication. The real challenge is Digital Marketing is not able to explore its true potential in the space of localized content. We, at Mindwave, as a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Agency in India are helping brands to integrate dynamic consumer insights and devise marketing strategies and local content.

The pandemic has taught a lot of things to businesses, irrespective of their size. All are looking for survival. Hence, many SME businesses and startups in India have learnt to adapt and adopt unorthodox style in marketing and brand building in this VUCA world. Digital Marketing in India is constantly evolving and Digital Marketers & Strategists are constantly learning. When you hear the term ‘Digital Marketing’, it sounds urban. However, it is not the case. Over the years, the tables have turned. We have converted our weaknesses into opportunities. Our rural regions and small towns that were considered to be orthodox spots (no experimenting, no new introduction, full of fearful people) are now a massive platform for businesses because that is where the real India is present- the real audience for your brand.

We, at Mindwave are helping our clients to reach the real India. For instance, we are aiding our customers who is into producing fertilizers, pesticides and seeds to reach the farmers via Digital Marketing. We localized the content in the native language of farmers so that they could establish a connection with these brands. Today, they have leads and a well-established social media presence.

On the other hand, brands that are local or businesses that are an outcome of a rural man’s idea are aspiring to go urban. They are facing the challenge of exposure and content for the urban audience.

We, at Mindwave are helping rural and small town brands to overcome this challenge via Digital Marketing. For instance, we supported an electronic retail brand located in a small town of Patiala to go urban and invite customers from cities like Delhi and Chandigarh via Digital Marketing. We know how the urban market works and thus, have specialized in taking rural and small town brands to the urban audience.

Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, CMO & Founder of Mindwave Media says, “India is a country where local content is needed to impact the minds of the audience. The more localized is your content, the more the engagement for your brand. Local engagement is the need of the hour of your brand. However, very few Digital Marketers understand this need. Mindwave Media is one of them! We exactly know how to hit the right chord. We plan the right strategies for your brand to reach your audience that you don’t even know! We create influencers in the local market through our content and marketing mediums.”

He further adds, “The pandemic has accelerated the Government initiative of ‘Digital India’. People are not only marketing online, but also transacting online. This is just the beginning. We are helping the brands to grow leaps and bounds.”

Mindwave Media is a 360 Degree Digital, BTL and OOH Advertising Agency in India- Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi. We conduct events, BTL activations, Outdoor Advertising and Experiential Marketing in the rural regions of India, where the real India is present. We are well-versed with all the platforms, media channels and mediums required to promote your brand in the rustic setting in front of rural audience.

To know more, get in touch with us on +91-9561068555.

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