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5 Social Media Challenges Brands in India Shall Face in 2022

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The year 2020 and 2021 has turned our lives upside down. The whole world is still struggling with Covid-19. Businesses need to find ways to perform in the market.

Digital Marketing in India has been a good way of posing the business in the virtual world. With ever-evolving social media platforms, the task of digital marketing agency in India has become challenging.

They need to understand what platforms will bring a better ROI to the customer. Most importantly, they need to find the right audience for their brand.

Number of surveys have been conducted in the past to find out the biggest social media challenges that brands in India will be facing in 2022. Here are a few crucial ones-


#1 Lack of awareness

Most of the industries are still unaware of the new technologies and marketing methods. Even if they know the technologies, they don’t know how to use them.

Despite the fact that social media has existed for several years, brand marketers still do not know how to make use of these for creating brand awareness. They are still glued on to the traditional methods- one of the major reasons why they can not reach their customers.

To overcome this, it is essential that the brand marketers start learning about the working of social media and digital marketing services in India. Online courses can help them to overcome the challenge of creating brand awareness through social platforms in India.

#2 Know the customer

Before a brand manager targets the audience on social media, they need to know their customer. Social Media is a vast platform where a variety of audiences are present.

Paid Ads on Social Media can help you to know your customer. Inorganic ads give you a leeway of putting in keywords, which will help you to target the right audience.

#3 Measurement of ROI

It is quite easy to measure the Return on Investment (ROI), when it comes to monetary value. You should calculate how many sales you have received from a particular Facebook ad.

When the social media goal involves more abstract concepts like ‘enhanced brand awareness’, it becomes difficult to measure and quantify the success of your brand awareness campaign.

According to these surveys, one-fifth of people agree that the biggest challenge is to measure the Return on Investment on social media platforms.

For this, several social media training programs are conducted and they teach how to measure the ROI.

#4 Lack of resources

It is impractical for every business to hire an in-house professional digital marketer. However, they can always hire a professional digital agency in India  that can manage 360 degree digital marketing services like Mindwave Media.

#5 Engaging content

As we all know, Content is the king. But, now always! Only, if it is marketed in the right way. Content writing along with Content Marketing in India is one of the biggest challenges in 2022.

The modern day solution is depending on unconventional types of content- video content, live stream, podcast, Facebook Story, Instagram Reels etc. Make your content interactive.


Mindwave Media is the best Social Media Marketing Company in India, as we have the solution to all the above challenges. We provide customized social media plans and strategies for you.

Our belief is simple- if you are doing Social Media Marketing with us, we should be able to translate your online content into leads, sales, repeat customers and long-term profits

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