You are currently viewing Big Brands like Dabur Hajmola are shifting to Digital during Durga Puja

Big Brands like Dabur Hajmola are shifting to Digital during Durga Puja

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When you cannot reach the Goddess, the Goddess can reach you! Dabur Hajmola taps the festive fervor to reach the masses in the city of Kolkata.

With the festival of Navratri and Durga Puja, big brands have moved their marketing activities to a crescendo. For years, the Durga Puja pandals across West Bengal, and especially Kolkata, have been a fertile ground for marketing activities, where brand engagement and brand awareness has bred. And, this year is no different! In fact, some brands have taken a smart step to infuse technology with innovation. One of those brands is Dabur Hajmola.

Dabur Hajmola is extremely popular in Kolkata. Kolkatian have a taste palate for tangy foods. Hajmola is a ‘Chatpata’ tablet manufactured by Dabur. It helps to aid digestion and majorly consumed for changing or keeping up the good taste in the mouth.

Kolkata is a paradise of staunch believers of Ma Durga. However, due to Covid-19, they are not able to physically seek the blessings of the Ma. The pandemic is strong enough to restrict their rituals, but it is very weak to restrict their belief. To spark up the festive spirit and their deep belief, Dabur Hajmola in association with Mindwave Media takes a humble step to bridge the gap between Ma Durga and her devotees.

Dabur Hajmola has set up portable vans that will have a lens fixed on the unique bottle display of Limcola (Mixture of Lime and Cola) flavor bottle. These vans shall travel to 8 societies and the volunteers shall invite the residents to seek ‘Digital’ blessings of Goddess Durga through the lens. The social distancing norms shall be followed and sanitizers will be provided to sanitize their hands before they step into the van. After which, the brand will distribute a sample pack of the new product as the ‘Prasad’.

Mr. Ajay Parihar, Head of Marketing OTC Healthcare – Dabur India highlighted, “I’m sure our concept is very close to the heart of any Kokatian. We wish to promote our new variant Hajmola  Limcola, & we are sure that its chatpata taste will stay with consumers & will become part of their daily consumption post meal & also as JLT . We have experimented with the Digital model of marketing and we are expecting Brand Awareness and Brand Engagement in Kolkata. Also, we wish to generate trials for the product by creating an awesome experience.” Hajmola has associated with leading Bangla Superstar Mr. Abir Chaterjee to promote Hajmola for West Bengal in addition to Mr. Ajay Devgn.

“Mindwave Media is associated with Dabur since more than 10 years and today, we are so obliged that we are getting an opportunity of doing our bit for the devotees of Kolkata. Our concepts are pro-society, pro-community and with competent man power, we are able to execute them. We had a dedicated team to study the consumer mindset of local people of Kolkata. Will they accept the ‘Digital’ darshan, will our concept connect with their sentiments, will they come out of their home etc. – the answer to the questions like these were researched by our team” says Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Director Sales and Marketing, Mindwave Media.

With the economic slowdown casting its shadow over all sectors, the festive season has not completely come to a halt. Brands can always adopt digitalization as their marketing strategy.

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