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Why Brands Should Go for Digital Out of Home Advertising in 2022?

2022 is the year of brands to market themselves aggressively. They can choose their mode of advertising depending on their objective and budget. However, marketers in India are eyeing on Digital Out of Home Advertising in 2022. Know why…

Digital Out of Home Advertising in India is one of the popular ways of brands advertising their products and services because a huge chunk of population spend most of their time working outdoors or engaging in outdoor activities.

Please Note: Digital Out of Home Advertising is different than those traditional roadside billboards. It is a method of integrating advertisements with online platforms.

In today’s world of digitalization, where more than 17% people check ads on their smartphones, marketers need to blend out of home ads and online marketing.

Digital Out of Home Advertising Agencies in India are focusing on how to amplify the OOH campaigns on social media platforms in 2022.

We have top 3 reasons for your brand to blindly opt for Digital Out of Home Advertising in 2022-

  1. A chance for your brand to explore- Your brand gets a golden opportunity to tap its potential of creativity and technology for delivering a message in the quickest way to its target audience. Creative and technology are updated with time as per the opportunities presented by the platform. You should always have a well-balanced outdoor ad that delivers a focused message as well as it is easy to understand in just a glimpse. Your ad needs to be live, proactive and suitable for broadcast. Digital out of home campaigns have the capability to capture more creativity and technology than ordinary OOH. Even if you own a small or medium sized business, you can try digital out of home advertising as your first ad campaign because this is one of the best way of creating brand awareness. For a creative and technological explore, you need to hire a professional Digital Out of Home Advertising Agency in India that has a dedicated team of content writers, creative executives, experts from a technological background and social media marketers.
  2. Leveraging your audience understanding- Before creating an outdoor ad, it is vital to analyze the understanding of your audience because it varies from geography to geography, demography to demography. Your ad should incorporate the understanding of all kind of audience, which can be done by optimizing your media placements. It is important for your brand to hire a professional digital out of home service company in India that can help you in gathering the data of audience, gauging their interest and then, aligning all your parameters and tendencies that will lead to success of your ad. Kindly avoid using complex digital mediums in areas where you feel it may not resonate with the target audience. Try to create a simple, yet intelligent ad that passes your message conveniently.
  3. Success can be measured- The biggest question that marketers are asking is how we can track the success of a digital out of home campaign in India. Ensure that there is a way in which outdoor campaigns can be tracked using digital means to ensure that the information being posted on the posters and other platforms is being accounted for. Creating such a strategy will help you have feedback on the effectiveness of your ad. Also, you need to create a landing page that will be displayed on the poster to measure how many online visitors have checked in. You can achieve this by using a hashtag that will be replicated online. Moreover, you can see how many people have been tagged or have commented on the ad. You can also track your ad campaign by using a unique promotional code that has some promises and exclusive discounts for anyone who responded to the ad. When consumers use the code during online purchases, you can analyze the response generated by your out of home advertising.

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