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Why Media Companies are Transforming Themselves into 360 Degree Services?

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Media companies have understood the need of reinventing themselves with the changing times. If you a true media entrepreneur, shift your focus to 360 degree services- a more exciting and enriching experience of doing business.

We have Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder of Vritti Solutions talking candidly on the significance of offering 360 Degree Media & Marketing Services in the dark times, when pandemic has taken a toll on businesses.

“A Big Thank you to our Thought Leaders, who hatched our eggs in different nests for surviving the pandemic. We started off with providing IT solutions that focused on simplifying operations and enhancing productivity. Then, we made a great move by capturing India’s largest audio business, the Audiowala Bus Stand. Gradually, we developed ‘Simplify Practice’, a Practice Management Solution for Chartered Accountants and Professionals. But, what outshined us is our Media and Marketing business. Today, we are known for our BTL Marketing, Experiential Marketing and Rural Activation Services. We have big brands like Dabur, Canara Bank, Emami, JK Cement, Honda and many more on our client list.

The very reason for our popularization in the aforementioned domains is our expertise in serving the verticals. We have made our services customized to business segments. We are a 26 year old company, but our glimmer lies in evolving with time. Hence, we have always merged technology with our media business. Vritti Solutions is not just a technology developing company, but also a technology utilizing company. We constantly work on how our technology will help your brand to elevate better in the market.

People do ask me why media companies are transforming themselves into 360 Degree Services. I simply say, because there is a need. Now days, brands want everything under one roof. They find convenience and there is no other bliss as big as convenience. Media companies can design a complete package for brands, where they can perform marketing activities with a dash of technology, promote the same on digital platforms and audio networks as well as aid brands internally by giving them solutions to ease out their operations.

Vritti Solutions offers a dynamic competitive landscape by providing 360 Degree Media & Marketing Services. If companies don’t transform, there is a huge possibility of 34% media companies exiting the competition. So, we always strive to transform with time, change our strategies and positioning and adapting with the trends. We are change drivers as we have started taking up outsourced media and marketing projects. We have added Socio Mind and Vritti Foundation in our portfolio that takes care of the brand’s goals along with serving the society. For every vertical, we have a back office for assistance. Change is the only way to survive the cut-throat competition.

Vritti is just an instance. But, if you ask me as a thought leader, make your media agency a jack of all trades.”

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