You are currently viewing ABP Majha Delivering Wishes of the Devotees to Lord Vitthal via ‘Ichha Kalash’ at Pandharpur Wari 2022

ABP Majha Delivering Wishes of the Devotees to Lord Vitthal via ‘Ichha Kalash’ at Pandharpur Wari 2022

Maharashtra, July 11, 2022: ABP Majha takes up a unique and noble initiative of mounting a never-seen-before ‘Ichha Kalash’ on an APB Majha Van at the Pandharpur Wari 2022, the Biggest Rural Event of Maharashtra, dating from June 21 to July 10 (Ashadi Ekadashi).  The brand started its initiative on 2nd July till 9th July 2022. The entire campaign was known by the slogan- “Majha Vitthal Majhi Vari”. The van took the Dehu route to reach the famous Vithoba Temple of Pandhapur.

Lakhs of devotees came to seek the blessings of Lord Vithoba at the Vithoba Temple of Pandharpur, Maharashtra. Moreover, Lord Vitthal is known to fulfil wishes of the devotees during the Pandharpur Wari.

Since Pandharpur Yatra is a journey on foot, it is exhausting and tiring. Not everybody can walk on foot. Keeping the spirits of the devotees in mind, who wish to walk, but cannot because of their health concerns, the brand took the set up mounting a Kalash, where in those devotees can drop their wishes on the ‘Ichha Cards’, which were then conveyed to Lord Vitthal through a small Puja on Ashadhi Ekadashi. The campaign also included stalls by associates, skit performances, public interactions, kirtans, special screenings, massage, giveaways by partner brand- Pitambari Cureon Oil and distribution of branded merchandise- the Warkari cap.

The brand collected wishes of around 2000 devotees who could not physically come, but mentally were eager to seek the blessings of Lord Vithoba.

About Pandharpur Wari: Pandharpur Wari is an annual pilgrimage (yatra) for 25 days to the town of the deity of Hindu God Vitthal. This tradition is more than 700 to 800 years old. Around 20 Lakh warkaris or pilgrims join this procession on foot, which is for 20 days.

Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Mindwave Media highlights “We are helping media channels like ABP Majha to achieve their objective of Brand Engagement, Visibility and Recall through such unique ideas of communicating wishes of the devotees to God. The brand reflects their USP of Communication. They leave no stones unturned even when it comes to communicating with the God.”

About APB Majha: ABP Majha is a Marathi news TV channel based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It comes under ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd. that has garnered 12.34 million total interactions and 223 million views.

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