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Dabur Lal Tail engages Mothers having Infants with its CSR concept in Nashik

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Dabur, a leader in the FMCG sector has undertaken various innovative activities in order to reinforce their product more strongly and to establish a better consumer connect. Dabur Lal Tail, its Ayurvedic baby massage oil has associated itself with the health and well-being of the infants and hence, wished to do something noble for the mother and infant community.

In association with Mindwave Media, Dabur came up with a unique CSR concept for setting up a baby feeding room at the ST bus stand of Nashik. Its inauguration was done on the Republic Day of India- 26th January, 2022. To amplify the effect of this noble cause, an audio jingle explaining the benefits of using Dabur Lal Tail including the enhancing the physical growth of the baby, strengthening of the bones and muscles and brightening of the skin, will be played via Audiowala Bus Stand, India’s largest digital audio network. The jingle shall also highlight the presence of the maternity facility for babies and mothers at the bus stand.

Baby feeding rooms are a need in public places and Dabur Lal Tail understands this need. Mindwave Media is a partner in conceptualization and execution of this activity.

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