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MakingIndiaDengueFree by Dabur Odomos Creates an Awareness Buzz in Uttar Pradesh

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Dabur Odomos, India’s most popular personal application mosquito repellent came up with a mission to free India from the most dreadful mosquito-borne disease, Dengue in October-November in the rural regions of Central and Eastern Uttar Pradesh, where the awareness of this disease is low. People are not much aware of the causes of Dengue, what precautions to take and in case, if they are affected what cure to take.

Mindwave Media is a trusted partner of Dabur Odomos that organized a Rural Activation, where in 3 vans were roaming and educating people on Dengue through games like ‘Kill the Mosquito’ via darts and street plays. People who targeted the mosquito on the board got a chance to win free sample. Moreover, people were asked to take product experience because dengue mosquitoes are present in the day time. The concept of ‘Infotainment’ (Information + Entertainment) was used to reach out to at least 5 lakh people.

Rajat Mathur, AGM, Consumer Marketing and Innovation of Dabur India Ltd. says “We thank Mindwave Media to support this noble cause of spreading awareness and giving them an experience of the product. Dabur is committed towards its motto of being ‘Dedicated to the Health and Well-Being of every individual’ and this initiative has enhanced our mission. A brand is always recognized for its deeds and not for its products.”

According to Mr. Santosh Jaiswal, Product Manager- Home Care, Dabur India Ltd. on its official website, “As a brand, Odomos has been working towards helping people stay safe and protected from Dengue and other such mosquito-borne diseases. Moving forward on this path, we have taken up this social initiative to help build public awareness on Dengue prevention in view of the significant increase in the number of Dengue cases in recent months.”

He further added, “Since Dengue spreading mosquitoes primarily bite during daytime, we should protect our children too, not only when they’re playing in the open but also inside the closed confines of our homes. Odomos is the most preferred personal application product that offers users complete protection from mosquitoes that spread such life-threatening diseases. Whether it is day or night, whether one is outdoors or inside their homes, it is advisable to apply Odomos for complete protection from mosquito bites.”

“This campaign is a mix of social initiative and brand awareness. We acted as per the need of the hour of spreading awareness around preventive measures and help people protect themselves from Dengue,” says Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Co-founder and CMO of Mindwave Media.

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